Casas Mundiales S.L. is a premium manufacturer of Prefab Homes Spain, built using the latest in German technology.

From residential homes to commercial structures, prefabricated buildings offer a viable and affordable alternative to conventional builds and can be manufactured in a fraction of the time. Built to exacting standards, prefab homes in Spain are highly energy efficient and can be constructed in so many different shapes and sizes. Just tell us your ideas for a dream home, and we’ll make it a reality!

What is a Prefab Home?Simply put, a prefab home is principally built within our manufacturing facility where the various components are put together much like on an industrial assembly line. Each home consists of a number of different portable units that, once ready, will be transported to and finished in the home’s final location.

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Why Choose Us

With over 30 years experience in construction and design we can confidently say that Casas Mundiales S.L. is a leading example of quality and prestige in the industry of prefab homes in Spain.

Choose us for quality

We have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in the United States. We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials while offering clients the support and accessibility.

Choose us for speed

because when constructing prefab homes we use the best materials and insulation to ensure optimum energy efficiency and earthquake resistance.

Choose us for simplicity

because when you choose a prefab home in Spain, Casas Mundiales S.L. takes care of everything, from the legal formalities to the final installation of your prefab home.

Choose us for price

because with Casas Mundiales S.L., prefab home manufacture is all completed within our dedicated facilities allowing us to make wholesale purchases of building supplies and materials. We pass these cost savings on to you, providing each and every customer with unbeatable quality and affordability.

Manufacturers of Custom Homes

Choosing a prefab home in Spain does not mean you are restricted to generic design plans; on the contrary, our prefab homes are designed and customised for each family. No two models are exactly the same since each home is designed in order to perfectly fit within its individual plot size and surroundings. We create initial sketches that will be modified until you are completely satisfied with the result.


Your Prefab Home Finished in No Time

Forget the long waits and uncertain timescales associated with conventional building; a prefab home in Spain takes only a couple of weeks to manufacture, from design agreement to delivery. During that time, our technical team is dedicated to ensuring that the construction complies with all your scheduling and requirements.

Prefab Homes With Quality Exterior Finishes

In the past, prefab homes were often thought of as ugly and with weak structure, but not anymore. Our prefab homes are industrial standard with a very resistant galvanized iron structure covered by high quality exterior finishes that comprise high insulation panels of fibre cement or aerated concrete. In fact, the team at Casas Mundiales S.L. attaches great importance to build quality, energy efficiency and sustainability, and our prefab homes include many special features such as a thermo-bottom plate, a security entrance door, high quality windows and much more.

We promise: We will build your house with the same care and attention as we would our own.


The best fundament for perfect prefab homes is to use the best components for your new home:

What Makes Prefab Homes by Casas Mundiales so Special?

By far the fastest and cheapest way to your dream home is the decision to build prefabricated. At Casas Mundiales S.L. we use a combination of craftsmanship and computer-controlled precision manufacturing of select materials to create the components of your home: walls, insulation, windows, doors, plumbing and more, pre-installation. In the weatherproof assembly hall we build all the parts of your prefab home which are then delivered to the construction site. Here, the dedicated construction team assemble your home over the course of just a few days.

At all times throughout the build process you can depend on us for punctuality and reliability. But our service does not stop there; even after completion we offer our customers years of protection such as a 30 year warranty on the basic frame construction of your prefab home.

Prefab Homes with Individuality

Each Casas Mundiales S.L. prefab home is as unique as the people who live in it. We do not build you a house based on a standard design. We design, plan and build together with our customers, always taking into account each individual’s wishes in terms of the overall architecture, floor plan and fixtures. We really can make your dream home a reality. Whether it’s an urban villa, a cottage or a luxury home: we think holistically, accompanying our customers from initial design all the way through to handing over the keys.

Prefab Homes with Quality Construction

Prefab homes by Casas Mundiales S.L. can be built in many different countries and different climates including mainland Spain, the Canary Islands, and on the islands of Mallorca and Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, Germany, Swiss and Africa. In order to do this, our homes must be able to withstand a diverse range of natural demands such as snow loads, wind storms, earthquakes and summer heat, all the while maintaining high levels of energy efficiency.

Our homes meet various national and international standards, and our customers benefit from the extensive experience of an international company whose homes are being put to the test in many different places.


Our homes meet the highest demands in terms of design, materials and workmanship. Only quality and checked materials are processed by us. Production takes place under constant optimal conditions, and homes are built without the hindrance of weather influences thereby ensuring a consistently high level of precision and finishes.

What our clients are talking about us:

Original text translated from Spanish with Google translator: Hello, I was fascinated by the way Casas Mundiales build their houses, every is industrialized, everything is measured to the nearest millimeter from the conduits for wiring up the water pipes. We notrd that they have everything measured down to the last screw. As in the mechanism of cars, there are no cracks or leaks! I live in Lorca and thanks to the steel structure if there should be an earthquake my house will not crack because this system allows the house a few thousandths of moves without getting cracks like traditional houses. It is the same or very similar system to the systems which are used in Japan, so after an earthquake, the properties will to tumble down. For me it is essential to the secure my “princess”;-) We are delighted to have chosen this type of construction. A warm greeting. Thank you very much for a perfect service and many greetings to team of Casas Mundiales. casas_modulares_testimonial_interior_02casas_modulares_testimonial_exterior_13
Adolfo and Amanda from Barcelona
Original text translated from Spanish with Google translator: I am from Elche, Alicante, and a few years ago, at the top of the crisis my partner and I had to emigrate to Germany for seven years. There thanks to a co-worker, I met the company Casas Mundiales. In Germany there a are a lot of prefab homes. The comfort you feel when you go into one of these properties can not be compared with traditional buildings, in addition, the price is cheaper than traditional construction. They are much more efficient and offering a unbeatable finish. Insulation against cold, snow and moisture in these properties is great compared to the isolation of the of the property of my parents which are living in Elche. I trusted in Casas Mundiales to buld my holiday home in Elche and I assure you it the result was a clean, efficient and more economical home then everything else I saw in my life build in traditional way. A salute to the engineering team of Casas Mundiales in Germany. casas_modulares_testimonial_exterior_02casas_modulares_testimonial_interior_09
Alejandro from Elche (Alicante)
Original text translated from Spanish with Google translator: Hi, I live in the montains near to Madrid and as you know, the winters are hard with very low temperatures and heavy snowfalls. I chosed the model with tile roof to protect myself with respect of the weight of snow in winter time. I recommended floor heating and triple glazed windows, due to the weather we have to take care about the ecological aspects. I can assure you that the property cost us much cheaper than traditional buildings and my parents when they come to visit me hallucinate about the good insulation we have. It's amazing, we don´t hear the noises of the wind outside and we don´t notice any cracks in the walls which is the standard in traditional buildings here in Spain. The property provides us with a great thermal and acoustic insulation. I can recommend the company Casas Mundiales without any restrictions. A warm greeting to the team! casas_modulares_testimonial_interior_06casas_modulares_testimonial_exterior_10
Egaña from "Sierra de Madrid"
Original text translated from Spanish with Google translator: Hi, I'm Helena and I want to share with you my experience with Casas Mundiales, I was a little bit green with the theme of my house, it was not clear whether tradicional or prefabricated, had heard of them but did not know the subject, so I was a bit of feeling bad . Until I talked about this with Casas Mundiales and they took me out of doubt. Manufacturing time was amazing, in two months I had the keys. Build in traditional way it would be six month or more and for that reason three times more expensive and my friends did not believe it was prefabricated because it is exactly like a traditional one, the difference is not noticeable if you do not know. I am absolutly glad with my new home. casas_modulares_testimonial_interior_01casas_modulares_testimonial_exterior_08
Helena y Eduardo de Madrid
Original text translated from Spanish with Google translator: Hi, I´m Jaime, for our house we had a lot of ideas but we lacked experience. The Casas Mundiales team explained everything very clearly and patiently. They began explaining the construction costs and licenses fees, options for different mortgages, the difference in building materials and its benefits, as insulation for walls, windows with German technology that seem best to keep our home at room temperature and save a lot on heating, where more I have noticed is in the electricity bill and is by insulating windows and doors are top quality and a beautiful design that comes with the minimalist style of my house. casas_modulares_testimonial_exterior_01casas_modulares_testimonial_interior_10
Jaime and Rosa from Zaragoza
Original text translated from Spanish with Google translator: Hello, we are Jose and Ana, for us the quality and price is very important. We have had always a competent person on our side to explain all aspects of planning from the first step until finishing the building process. We are a young couple with few resources ,we've both finished our professional education and that means we do not have much savings. We wanted a house and it is true that in the market there are a lot of secondhand properties but none approached our needs. We decided to build with Casas Mundiales and it was a great experience. They quickly turned our ideas into a 3D rendering of the property of our dreams. We saw our house with the design as we explained them and with. They build with a great finish of doors, floating floors, a spectacular bathroom and best of all, a great price. We chose a modern style and the terminated the building within three months for an incredible price. I can recommend Casas Mundiales to each one without ifs or buts. Greetings to all.   casas_modulares_testimonial_exterior_12casas_modulares_testimonial_interior_03
Jose and Ana from Sevilla
Original text translated from Spanish with Google translator: Hi, I'm Yuri from Ibiza, we are owning a plot with a very difficult access with a lot of slope. I decided to build with Casas Mundiales because I loved their design and German technology and they have many advantages to build economically in difficult areas like ours. They explained very well the specifications. After consulting my architect he told me I certainly would not find another company who is able to build as efficient like Casas Mundiales. The truth is that the property is super modern and thanks to the panoramic windows we are having a sunny dining room and kitchen and the truth is I'm super happy and comfortable, I recommend the company in each way. They are also so close that you feel like family. A warm greeting to the equipment! casas_modulares_testimonial_exterior_06casas_modulares_testimonial_interior_08
Yuri and Maria from Ibiza

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