Here we discuss how well our prefab homes Spain perform acoustically, and what can affect how noise travels within a home.

One of the most commonly discussed topic regarding our prefab homes Spain is acoustics, and we know why this is an important issue for our customers. It’s easy to think that a prefab home is constructed of thin materials and hence has no sound insulation between the different rooms. With a prefab home from Casas Mundiales this is not the case. The acoustics of our homes is one of our major strengths because of our building system.

Acoustic Standards for Houses

The standard for acoustics judges the quality of sound insulation within the construction (roof and walls) and impact sound insulation in the floor construction.Airborne sound is noise that can spread around a space, and can be absorbed by the structure so that the noise is not transferred to other rooms. Impact sound, such as running up stairs, jumping, slamming the door, can also be transferred to other rooms.


Prefab homes built by Casas Mundiales always meet the requirements of the relevant standards with a margin of up to 3 db! In layman terms you could say that 3 db is an improvement of 50% so this is a noticeable difference.

So why the discussion about acoustics in Casas Mundiales prefab homes?

Because acoustics, even when physically measured, is a very individual thing. What one person hears may be very different to the next person and hence you may hear noise around your prefab home even when the home has a rating that’s 5x better than the standard requirement. We could say that 95% of our customers are satisfied by the acoustics in our homes. But, does this mean that the remaining 5% are hearing things that don’t exist? Of course not. The explanation lies in the fact that the perception of acoustics is subjective.
Our prefab homes meet the criteria for acoustics. That criteria is based on a set standard which is evaluated by one number: a statistical mean value for the different sound frequencies.

Generally, heavy construction absorbs bass very well, while middle and treble levels are poorly absorbed. In contrast, the lightweight construction of Casas Mundiales prefab homes are particularly good at suppressing the high and middle tones, while deep tones are a little worse. In the end it really depends on how you “set” your ears.

As our customer you have a certain amount of control over how your prefab home copes with noise levels. The interior design is up to you, whether you like the modern open plan designs with minimal furniture, or the more cosy design of separate rooms and plenty of plush carpets on the floors. But, please do bear in mind that where there are wide open spaces, sparse furniture, hard and shiny surfaces, windows without curtains, leather sofas and clean, minimalist design, any home, whether prefab or not, will have trouble absorbing sounds.


Our advice is, make up your own mind and visit our sample homes. You can even stay in them over the weekend to really get a feel as to whether a prefab home in Spain works for you.

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