Our floor plans of our prefab homes Spain are provided to give you inspiration, but when it comes to your home, you get to design every room, every wall, every window and door – in fact, every aspect of your home is customised how you want it resulting in a prefab home that’s perfect for you.

Designed For You, By You

You want a home that’s perfect for you, and whether you know what that actually looks like or not, our talented designers will help to make your dreams a reality. We don’t believe in a floor plan that’s “almost right”, it has to be “flawless” so we let you customise everything – walls, floors, stairways, doors, windows, kitchen, bathrooms, lighting, door handles… everything. And, to take this one step further, we have a full fabrication shop and paint booth that lets you customise to you heart’s content.Even if you’re not really sure what you want that’s not a problem.


Our designers are specialists in unique and individual designs for each of our prefab homes Spain and they will design prefab homes that exactly matches your lifestyle and requirements.

Meticulously Inspected

In addition to the stringent quality controls that we have in place throughout the design and construction, every Casas Mundiales prefab home in Spain must meet many different quality standards, and, once complete it must pass all 250 points of our own comprehensive inspections.

Delivered On Time, On Budget and Hassle-Free

No weather delays, and an advanced building process that’s been perfected on thousands of custom prefab homes – this eliminates the unpleasant surprises that can often turn a dream project sour. We also provide you with a dedicated project specialist who is with you every step of the way. No question or concern is ever left unanswered when you choose a prefab home in Spain from Casas Mundiales.


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