Designing and building prefab homes Spain is a complex matter.

Using Casas Mundiales’ proven 5 step approach your homebuilding process will be radically simplified.


From the first meeting with your personal adviser to handing over the keys to your dream home, building prefab homes in Spain with Casas Mundiales is always a positive experience. Working hand in hand with our professionals you will end up with a home that’s been designed to optimally meet your individual wishes and needs. Each home is individually planned and adapted to your needs and local circumstances.


For our first meetings it’s a great advantage if you are able to bring maps or scetches of the property and the local building codes as this will allow us to quickly identify all planning and design opportunities.

After the first extensive interviews you will receive a free, detailed offer, as well as a first draft to your dream home. We are of course very happy to discuss the offer and plans in person in our office and to make any changes that you request.


The purchase and construction contract with Casas Mundiales offers absolute transparency. There is no small print and all important aspects such as warranty services and performance framework are clearly regulated as previously discussed with you. Of course we will always fully comply with your individual budget. When building a prefab home with Casas Mundiales there are no unpleasant surprises, we promise you.


Once you have signed the purchase agreement, you’ll be ready to discuss detailed planning with the architect. In the initial discussions and meetings with your personal adviser your individual wishes and needs were discussed with you. A first draft of your prefab house has been made in the context of preliminary talks, now it comes to the detailed planning. The design of your individual house, the specifics of the floor plan, and all the essential details will now be developed by our architect.


In our showroom as well as in the showrooms of our partners you can choose internal and external features from a variety of first-class products, such as tiles, parquet, laminate, bathroom fittings and your dream kitchen.

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When planning and deciding on the equipment we always take your budget into account at all times thus ensuring that your prefab home in Spain does not cost any more than the price we have guaranteed to you in the contract.

If you’ve never looked at architectural drawings before, don’t worry. We provide a virtual 3D computer model so that you can easily visualise what your future house will look like. 3D images give a real impression of the home. This gives you the assurance that when the home is complete it will be exactly what you wished for.


Upon receipt of the building permit, the construction project will be scheduled in accordance with our availability. Starting work depends on many factors, such as the receipt of funding confirmation, the equipment, the effects of weather, etc, but be sure that a schedule will be agreed with you and discussed further as the build progresses.


The subsequent construction of a prefab home by Casas Mundiales combines the precision of industrial production with the passion and individual touches of craftsmanship. High-quality materials are used in the construction of the modules which takes place in our weather protected factory. Your prefab home will be assembled in no time.

Before handing over the finished house we carry out an extensive review. We conduct many tests to ensure your prefab home is of the highest quality. An essential part of the test series is the Blower Door Test which will check how air-tight the windows and roof connections are.

A blower door test tells you where and how many weaknesses a house has in the form of air leaks. The more airtight a house is built, the less cooling and heating escapes into the atmosphere, thereby reducing the cost to you. While no building is ever 100% airtight, we use the Blower Door Test as a quality control as it enables us to check, for example, that the airtight connections of the windows or roof are executed properly. The lower the uncontrolled ventilation heat losses, the less fuel for heating is wasted and the more you save more money in the management of your new home.

Did you know: Air leaks and heat leaks not only mean loss of energy. They can trigger mould, and in the worst cases, damage the brand new buildings of your home.


Once your prefab home is fully completed you, together with the Casas Mundiales site manager, will inspect the home to make sure it fulfills your dreams and that you are entirely satisfied with the home’s quality. We are only satisfied when you are completely satisfied.


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