Do you know the average time it takes for Casas Mundiales to construct their prefab homes Spain?

Only 3 months!

Do you have any idea how expensive such time is? How much of your funds do you think are taken by materials and technologies, and how much goes to the construction company?

On this page you will learn that time is money, and building on time can save thousends, even when building a house.

Savings in the wrong place. With a well planned schedule you are determining 80% of the costs. We know what it’s like when you want to build your own house. It’s easy to think that it can be done quickly and without any stresses because you know people in the business and you think this can save you money. The reality is, when you rely on friends or friends of friends and you don’t call in the experts, you’re asking for trouble. It may surprise you to read that 55% of marriages fall apart because of problems that arise when building a house.

The first thing you need to do when building a home is meticulous preparation. You should have project documentation and you should look into a selection of suitable partners and building technologies. You may be in a hurry to get started but by taking plenty of time upfront you can save yourself additional time and problems further down the line.

Admit that you are not an expert on everything and even not in prefab homes Spain

f you’re someone who likes to take charge of a project and do everything yourself, our advice is “don’t”. Admit to yourself that you are not an expert at everything, and if you’ve never built a prefab home before, please don’t attempt to do it by yourself to save money. Think of all the different professionals who we work with at Casas Mundiales – architects, designers, plumbers, electrical engineers, technologists, energy managers, builders, etc. Imagine how many years of college it would take to study even just one of those professions, and then there’s the hands-on experience that all of our professionals have. By our calculations you’d need somewhere in the range of 64 years to learn the skills required to be able to start building your own property.

Our recommendation is that you choose a professional company that has its own team with all the relevant experts, both for the project preparation stages and to actually build your property.

Saving time is possible in each stage of the process

Firstly, it is important to remember that preparation and construction of the prefab home will require not only money but also time. Most often you have to go through these phases:

  • Processing documentation (studies, building permissions, implementation documentation, building energy performance certificate, energy audit etc).
  • Choosing a suitable builder and bank for the mortgage
  • Starting construction

Each phase has its pitfalls and from our experience the more problems you try to solve yourself, the more time and money you will waste. There’s a big difference if you handle each phase with a different contractor, or all go with one reliable and fast “turnkey” company.

Savings already at the stage of preparing your house

We’ll assume that you are not going to take risks and invest your time and money into training. Good preparation means saving considerable money in the construction process and reducing the risk that someone cons you or does not complete the relevant documentation, costing you more money and problems.

So, where you can actually save in the preparation?

You could hire your own architect or engineer who will deal with certain aspects of the construction for you, liaising with the construction company on elements like water, heating, sanitation, ventilation, electrical, regulation and control, energy and others. Even with a good partnership this will still cost you months of time and hundreds of thousands of Euros.

So what is the best way to keep time delays to a minimum? Our advice is, choose a company that has a complete team. Here at Casas Mundiales we will provide you with your free sample project that can be adjusted to your exact wishes. We work for our customers in regards to all aspects of the building process, from project planning permission including preparing the documentation for building construction, to materials for government grants, and usually have everything ready within about 2 or 3 months.


So how much time and money might you save with us? Compared to the traditional construction offered by our competitors you can save more than 6 months and thousands of Euros. But don’t just take our word for it, ask our past customers.

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