You are thinking about building your dream home? Mayba as a prefab homes Spain? You go through a series of magazines, websites, books, visiting fairs and listening to the advice of “experts”? Have you thought about what is important for your family, and what are your requirements for your future home? Can you imagine what you will need in five, ten or thirty years? It’s difficult to plan that far ahead but we always recommend that you discuss your ideas, wishes and needs with experts who have been in the business of buildings homes for many years. Building your home is, for most families, the biggest investment of your life, especially if you have to take out a mortgage. So with this in mind, do not take any risks!For a moment, imagine your dream house. Picture it in your head.

Now, we’d like to advise you to rethink everything you just thought of. Sure, you have ideas, hopes and dreams, but it’s your big investment, be smart.

Land Can be a Real PainUnfortunately, building a prefab home is not just a simple case of finding a plot of land and starting construction. Once you’ve found some land that you love, don’t get carried away. There are many things that you should check before you start planning your prefab home in Spain. Is the land even appropriate for building on?


Have a professional check such things as ground water, the risk of radon, low bearing capacity in the soil. Rushing in to the purchase of property could cost you a lot of money down the line so get these things checked first and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Finalizing – Be Realistic

You should also clarify your financial situation and discover what options are available to you before rushing in. If you will need a mortgage, we advise you to check directly with a mortgage advisor in any bank. That way you’ll know your situation in advance.
And for how long?

Decide how long you want to own your house. The longer you plan to live there, the more attention you should pay to the next two paragraphs.

What will the prefab homes Spain operating costs be?

If your new prefab home in Spain will be somewhere you live for 5 years or less you need to think carefully about what you will be able to sell the home for when the time comes to sell. On the other hand, if your prefab home is intended to be somewhere you live for decades to come, you should be placing more emphasis on the home’s operating costs. Over the years, these costs will add up, but perhaps not by as much as you might think. Excellent insulation levels in your prefab home means that heating and cooling costs will be drastically lower than you might be used to in an older and more draughty home.


What will the home maintenance costs be?

Because Casas Mundiales S.L. uses high quality materials in all the prefab homes Spain we build, the life of your home will be extended. You shouldn’t have lots of maintenance issues with the house. In our opinion, using inexpensive materials to construct a home in the first place means the homebuyer pays more further down the line when things go wrong.

What will the home sell for?

The biggest influence on the value of your prefab home is its location, much the same as any type of home. An undesirable location will lower the sale price and the home’s desirability, making it more difficult for you to find a buyer when the time comes to sell. This is why we place so much influence on finding the right plot of land before you even start thinking about the home that could be built there.

Be smart and be wealthy

So if you consider all of the above when planning to build your own prefab home you’ll end up smart and wealthy!

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