Our goal is not to bombard you with information, but to prompt you to consider what is really important when choosing prefab homes Spain.

When choosing prefab homes Spain families looks at many different criteria. What are the most important factors for your home? Is it the size of the house and its architecture? Or is it simply a matter of living with your children in a healthy environment? We like to think that our homes are safe but in actual fact there are many things within a home that can make children very sick.

We think about what could be more important than the health of your children?

Leave aside the worst situations and evaluate what is most important to you and your family. Consider where your children sleep, play and relax, and think strongly about what you really need and what you should avoid in a prefab home.

You and your family need to breathe clean air

How long can you hold your breath? First, oxygen is needed for your brain. Polluted air is filled with CO2 and causes fatigue. This definitely is not conducive to having a healthy mind and life for your children. Are you ventilating your house? In order to keep the CO2 moving from your home you should ventilate your house every hour by opening the windows for 8 minutes. Are you really doing this?
When a home is not adequately ventilated there are other problems that can arise, one of the most common being mould. Moisture can build up in your prefab home if you have inadequate ventilation and this in turn allows mould to grow. In larger quantities, mould is very harmful to the health of your children. Even in smaller quantities, mould is one of the main causes of allergies, asthma and carcinogenic diseases. Washing away the mould with a disinfectant does not eliminate mould it only removes whatever is on the surface. The mould will continue to grow if you don’t make changes to the way you live in your house.

Chemicals – don’t let them poison you

Today most home furnishings, indoor equipment, appliances and cleaning materials contain chemicals. The chemicals can be released into the air and if you are not properly venting your house these could begin to affect you and your children’s health. Asphalts, formaldehyde or benzene threaten your health and the lives of your children.

The problem with some chemicals is that although they are present you may not be able to smell them so they are secretly doing damage to your health. Ventilating your prefab home property is the best way to reduce the number of chemicals in the air.

Where do you think you’re going?

Imagine the worse case scenario if you don’t properly ventilate your house… instead of providing clean, healthy air to your children you are giving them unhealthy, potentially polluted air. Then remember the additional problems that bad venting can cause, such as mould. Still wondering why so many children suffer with allergies and asthma?

To avoid such problems you should ventilate your home properly.

Casas Mundiales Prefab Homes in Spain are healthy homes

Your health and your child’s health is very important to us, and that’s why we manufacture prefab homes that are healthy to live in.
Thanks to the efforts of our technical and planning teams, our homes are filled with materials without chemicals. The “lungs” of our prefab homes are the central ventilation units. This unit quietly distributes fresh air around the house via soundproof ducts, but that’s not all. The “lungs” also work to remove all dirt and dust from the home. Every room in the house benefits from inverse air filtering.


The central air unit also contains a system that is called heat recovery. It recovers the hot stale air that is being removed from the house and uses it to warm up the home’s fresh air. Not only is this healthy it’s also an inexpensive way of helping to keep your prefab home warm.

Join all the families who are thinking about the health of their children and consider a prefab home in Spain from Casas Mundiales.

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