The prefab homes Spain of Casas Mundiales S.L. are not just products, they follow a philosophy:

Competence, experience and all services from one source

We work with a solid team of employees – including architects, engineers, skilled workers and quality managers to make our vision of a high-quality prefab home to reality. At any given moment you know you can reach your personal advisor by phone or by email. Even when we’re in the middle of a job our Casas Mundiales team will always be happy to answer all your questions.


Our prefabricated houses annually save thousands of Euros in maintenance costs

Did you know that every ten years, the price of energy (not just electricity, but also gas, wood and coal) doubles? This is an increase of 7.8% per year. The most important part of the operating costs of a building are the cost of heating and hot water. Our prefab homes exceed all government standards for the insulation of exterior walls and provide at least 30% more insulation compared to conventional masonry construction. As a result, you will pay less in summer cooling costs and less in heating the home in winter. And you’ll clearly notice the effect on your bank account.

Fixed price guarantee with no hidden costs and fixed dates for all prefab homes Spain

The cost of your prefab home in Spain stands firm from the second we conclude the contract. This is a guaranteed fixed price. We tell you all the components of the offer, and show in every detail, how the price is composed and what parameters affect the price. Feel free to compare our offer with our competitors because we have nothing to hide and we are sure that we offer the best overall package in relation to price and quality.


The deadlines are defined, your prefab home is delivered on the agreed date. This simplifies your planning for relocation and collection.

Our prefab homes are timeless and comfortable and sustain their value

We construct your new home with quality materials in the latest technologies. Thus Casas Mundiales prefab homes require little maintenance and have a long service life, above average. The prefab homes are built within our weatherproof facility, ensuring that nothing is affected by the weather as it’s put together.

Sustainable and environmentally protective

Our prefab homes are made of quality materials without formaldehyde and other chemicals. The walls are vapour permeable and thus prevent against the formation of mould. Casas Mundiales prefab homes are sustainable and recyclable by at least 85%.

Selected Premium Products and Technology at the cutting edge

Quality and transparency are important to us. Materials, products or services available for Casas Mundiales prefab homes are regularly tested by independent testing and standards institutes. Quality Marks guarantee the high quality of each Casas Mundiales prefab home in Spain.

We only work with top suppliers when constructing our prefab system solutions. We use only high quality materials and technology, and the resulting prefab home has a particularly high resistance to snow, wind and earthquakes.

A company with tradition and a future

Casas Mundiales S.L. is owner-managed and operates using its 20+ years experience in real estate. With Casas Mundiales you have, now and in the future, an experienced and reputable partner at your side.

Competent consulting

For questions and information come and talk to a competent team member available in our show house. Together we can chat about your requirements and will find a Casas Mundiales prefab home that suits you perfectly.

Own production

All components are produced in our plants specifically for your order. This guarantees perfect fit and highest quality for each individual Casas Mundiales prefab home in Spain.

Personal Customer Service

Thanks to our quality controls, the customer service team at Casas Mundiales is rarely put into use but this means if you need someone he is there for you. In the short term, you get the benefit of a service-oriented and competent company. And in the long term you get excellent customer service during the warranty period, free of charge.

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