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Our goal for all Casas Mundiales prefab homes Spain is to achieve optimal living comfort and to minimize the amount of energy within the home. For this reason it is necessary to provide a relatively airtight outer shell for each prefab home we construct.In order to achieve this, each prefab home in Spain will be finished with the help of the differential pressure measurement method (also known as the blower door test) to check how airtight the home is, and detecting leaks in the building envelope. As a result, each Casas Mundiales prefab home is more energy efficient and is at a much lower risk of structural damage resulting from the build-up of condensation in the insulation during the winter period.


How is the Blower Door Test Conducted?

Using a special fan, air is forced into the buildings. The speed of the fan is controlled so that a certain pressure builds between the exterior and interior. A pressure measurement is provided which tells us how much air is escaping through any existing leaks from the building.During this phase, the building envelope is checked for undesirable leaks. Once the building is being used as a home, these leaks are the places where heated indoor air would escape to the outside.


Larger defects can easily be felt with your hand, while smaller leaks can be seen by using a smoke dispenser or air speedometers. The most accurate measurements of air leaks are often by means of an infrared camera. The more accurate readings allow us to make more accurate seals in the home.

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