Prefab Homes Build With External Self-Supporting Wall Panel

The structure is comprised of metal beams and steel supports that act as structural design elements. These are then clad with multilayer cladding panels which have a load-bearing polyurethane steel core and are highly insulated. On the exterior walls and the roof top, layers of fibre cement board cover the structure in combination with high density concrete which is fired, at high compression, onto the wall.

What are the advantages of the self-supporting wall panel system over other methods of construction?

There are three main advantages to using this type of wall system in the construction of prefab homes in Spain: First is the speed of construction – these wall panels can be installed extremely quickly on-site, thereby reducing construction costs. The second advantage is the overall cost – not only are they fast and cheap to install, the external wall panels are affordable to manufacture.


The third advantage is the excellent level of insulation that these wall panels provide. The polyurethane has the same level of insulation as a refrigerator, only thicker. Fridges generally have a wall thickness of 3cm but our homes have a wall thickness of 10cm.

Technical Specifications

Overall internal divisions can be filled with partitions of drywall plasterboard consisting 100/600 (43) N formed by plasterboard e = 15mm, 43mm a vertical post with a layer of rockwool (e = 40mm) and a plate for the backfill. In cases where the partitions are load bearing, the metal panels are 6 cm with polyurethane core, cladding with plasterboard or similar to each side.

In plasterboard partitions wetlands metal 122/400 (46 + 46) WA-WA, formed by layer plasterboard WA (e = 15 mm), two 46mm uprights with a layer of rockwool (e = 40mm ) and another layer of plasterboard WA (e = 15mm).

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