Here at Casas Mundiales for all our prefab homes Spain we always work together with our customers every step of the way from the initial project creation, through the design phase, and on to construction. This close collaboration allows us to plan and design your future home taking into account all of your needs and your dreams.

Our team of engineers and architects will put together a proposal for your project in just a short period of time, taking into account all the variables that may influence how your family uses your prefab home both now and in the future. The overall aim is to create an inexpensive prefab home that exactly meets all your expectations.


We pay special attention to the characteristics of the land your prefab home will be sitting on. Each location is unique, and here at Casas Mundiales we know how best to utilize the plot in order to make your home perfect. Our team of engineers and architects are available to advise you, and to ensure that your home is in the best possible location while also taking into account exact positioning to be able to use solar energy, to optimize the natural light and to get good airflow.

1.) Learn how we will prepare your prefab homes Spain project:

Working with you, the client, we will establish your needs. Our engineers and architects will work out, with your help, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that need in your home, whether to include a garage or a pool, and whether your needs will likely change in the future. Starting with our house models, our consultants will help you decide if one particular model fits your needs or whether any modifications are necessary.


In cases when it is necessary to adapt our plans, our team will make the necessary changes with your help.

2.) We know the characteristics of your land for your prefab homes Spain

At this stage our architects will study the peculiarities of the location you wish to build a prefab home, to determine the best orientation of your house and to make the best possible use of the sun’s path across your home during every season. In Vitale Loft we pay special attention to the use of the sun for energy, hence orientation of the house plays a very important role.


<h2>3.) Presenting a customized proposal</h2>

Once we know your needs and the characteristics of your land, we are ready to develop a detailed proposal, which will include all of your suggestions and requests. The proposal will have a fixed budget, so you can be sure of the exact cost of your prefab home in Spain.


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